Vapor Group Product Abolishes The Biggest Electronic Cigarette Industry Myths

A generation ago, smoking was cool and sophisticated. Kids often started the habit while they were in high school, then continued smoking well into adulthood. Advertisements were widespread, with only an occasional report here and there about its dangers. However, as more research has been done noting the dangers of smoking, society’s attitude toward smoking has drastically changed. Banned in numerous places, it’s become harder than ever to smoke a traditional cigarette. In an effort to provide those who wish to smoke a safe alternative, researchers have come up with the electronic cigarette, better known as the e-cigarette. While many smokers have embraced this modern alternative, others have hesitated switching due to the many myths still surrounding the device. In order to separate fact from fiction, here are a few of the common misconceptions regarding e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes Explode

How this rumor got started is anyone’s guess. According to facts from manufacturers of e-cigarettes, there have been no reports of e-cigarettes exploding in people’s faces. So long as the user is installing the proper batteries, using the correct e-liquid for their particular cigarette and following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you’re e-cig is pretty much guaranteed to stay intact.

E-cigarettes are as Harmful as Regular Cigarettes

Again, not true. Many folks believe that nicotine is the substance in traditional cigarettes that is bad for you, and because electronic cigarettes use liquid nicotine, they correspondingly believe it is just as harmful as a regular tobacco cigarette. But the facts clearly show that e-cigarettes with nicotine are in no way as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine, while being a very addictive substance, has been shown in study after study to have little if any effect on the human body. On the other hand, tobacco cigarettes have long been shown to greatly harm the body over time. With their combination of smoke, tobacco, additives and chemicals they are often referred to as “cancer sticks” for a reason.

E-cigarette Vapor is Just like Second-hand Smoke

Vapor Group explains that while the smoke from a tobacco cigarette is full of toxins and other harmful chemicals, vapor from an electronic cigarette is simply vapor that dissipates without harming anyone. The vapor has no smell or odor, doesn’t linger and contains no tobacco byproducts. It’s simply a simulation that gives the appearance of smoke emerging from the cigarette, not smoke itself.

E-cigarettes Contain Anti-freeze

As if containing tobacco and other harmful chemicals wouldn’t be enough, some people believethat e-cigarettes contain anti-freeze. While regular cigarettes contain tobacco and plenty of chemicals that may be as harmful as anti-freeze, electronic cigarettes don’t contain any of the above.

In many cases,truth is stranger than fiction. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, however, it’s just the opposite. While still relatively new, e-cigarettes from Vapor Group are considered the wave of the future and are gaining in popularity. As more smokers make the switch, we hope these unfavorable myths surrounding electronic cigarettes will dissipate just as easily as their vapor.