Take the Test: Which Vapor Group E-Cigs are you?

Take the Test: Which Vapor Group E-Cigs are you?

Trying to determine which Vapor Group e-cigs brand is the right choice for you? Take this test to see which brand we recommend to suit your lifestyle!

YES = 5 points
NO = 15 points


Are you concerned with recycling?
You often purchase and use products that are recyclable and you consider yourself to be environmentally friendly.

Is your life-style fast-paced?
You are constantly on the go and your life requires the “fast fix.” You’re often extremely busy and purchase quick, ready-made foods. You spend little time at home due to work, social or family commitments that keep you occupied.

Do you enjoy being social?
You are happy when you are doing the things you enjoy most that involve other people. Double-dates, clubbing, partying, and dinner in the backyard with friends are all things you participate in regularly.

Do you respond positively to structure?
You enjoy having routine. You like things a certain way and appreciate having things presented to you in no-fuss, no-nonsense manner.

Do you stay away from high-tech things?
As much as you would like to be, you just weren’t hit with those tech-savvy genes. You just can’t seem to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology and when you come into contact with them, you pretty much always need help navigating.

Do you find variety overwhelming?
You like simple and straightforward options with little variety. “Less is more” is a saying you are supportive of.

Do you enjoy going with the flow of life?
You avoid situations that require organization and control. You prefer the free-spirit approach to life.

Do you smoke only for the social benefits?
You tend to smoke the most when you’re surrounded by family and friends in a social setting.

Do you eventually want to quit your addiction to smoking?
There are many reasons that are motivating you to quit and this time you want to find a product that will help you accomplish your goal permanently.

Your Vapor Group is The Vapor Disposables: 0 – 45 points
You are busy living life in the fast lane and you place high value in easy, simple to use products that suit your hurried pace. The Vapor Disposables provide the no-fuss, no-nonsense e-cig that fits your lifestyle on the go. With single and four packs, made from recyclable material, Vapor Group e-cigs are ready for when the moment calls for it. Their Rich Tobacco and Menthol flavors combined with the built-in nicotine level that produces approximately 500 puffs, provides exactly what you need to keep up with your fast-paced personality.

Your Vapor Group is Vapor 123 Ego-T: 50-90 points
You enjoy structure in your life as well as having free range to make decisions for yourself. Although you appreciate variety in life, you’re still an advocate for tradition. Like the Vapor 123 Ego-T Menthol and Rich Tobacco e-cigarettes, you enjoy that they come ready to be used without compromising on flavor and quality. While Vapor Group e-cigs come with a USB cord, Li-Ion battery and a reservoir of 2ml with 1.6% nicotine, you will find comfort in the fact that it’s user-friendly to ensure a fast refill for easy, enjoyable use.

Your Vapor Group is Total Vapor: 95-135 points
You enjoy life as it comes and you take pleasure to create those memorable moments. But when your commitments pick up, you’re always ready to ride that pace into next week. Like what the Total Vapor e-cig kits offer, you appreciate being presented with all the elements necessary to get you started. To express the creative side of you, the Build Your Own Starter Kit is a great kit that allows you to maximize options. With several colors, 16 different flavors and various nicotine levels to choose from, you enjoy that the choice is yours.