Exactly How Much Smoking E-Cigarettes Can Save you?

When smoking cigarettes, a person will spend a lot of cash. In fact, when smoking a pack a day, one can spend close to $300 a month. Suffice to say, this is an expensive habit that leaves many with a bad taste in their mouth. To save some cash, some opt to buy cheap cigarettes while others buy rolling papers and tobacco and make their own. Luckily, there is another great option. With e-cigarettes, one can save money and enjoy a healthier habit. E-cigarettes will save a smoker hundreds of dollars a year. With this in mind, here is a few ways in which electronic cigarettes save smokers some serious money.

One-time cost

Unlike traditional cigarettes, when it comes to e-cigs, smokers will have to provide a one-time investment when purchasing their vaping device. Although more expensive than a pack of a cigarettes, these devices do not need to be replaced which each vape, ultimately proving to be a much cheaper option. A smoker who lights up often will end up seeing savings within a few weeks. Instead of seeing your money goes up in smoke, you will be able to enjoy your money’s worth, time and time again.


It is hard to find great deals on normal cigarettes. The industry is a virtual monopoly, and a shopper has little in the way of choices. On the other hand, when smoking e-cigarettes, a buyer can head online or to a local store. This is a great way to save money as rival manufacturers and distributors are always providing competitive prices for the buyer.


As mentioned, when buying a regular pack of cigarettes, most people will have to run to a local convenience store. With electronic cigarettes, however, you won’t have to worry about spending time to constantly replenish your habit. Once you purchase your electronic cigarette kit, you will confidently be able to go months until you need to make another purchase. And when the time does come around, you can even make your purchase right online, at your convenient time.

Traditional cigarette smokers also often have to miss out on time spent with friends and family to enjoy a smoke outdoors. With electronic cigarettes, vaper’s don’t have to worry about missing out on these times as they can revel in vaping where analog cigarettes are not commonly allowed.

Long-term health implications

Now, most people, when smoking, do not think of their long-term health implications. This is a mistake as smokers will have to spend more money on health care costs. Fortunately, when smoking e- cigarettes, one will not ingest hundreds of carcinogens. Simply put, switching to electronic cigarettes will not only save your healthy but you will be able to avoid costly medical problems in the future.