Vapor Group has positioned itself as an exclusive brand of electronic cigarettes, vaporziers and e-liquids. With more unique product lines out now and more in the works, we have set out on a path of several major trends in this industry. Our company hopes to capitalize by making the Vapor Group brands one of the leading choices for the everyday smoker’s alternative.

There are certain periods in history when a technology uniquely improves human activity. From the invention of the telephone by Thomas Edison, to the first automobile by Henry Ford, these inventions improved the way we commute as well as telecommunications which changed the way humans interact with each other. These moments represent opportunity for businesses that are able to identify them and capitalize.

For hundreds of years, humans have consumed tobacco. Cigars and cigarettes have allowed people to easily consume plant materials. They grew so popular, that nearly half the population in the world smoked them. Economically, tobacco and cigarettes were one of the main components of the US economy.

By the 1970’s as the trend peaked, more research was being done on the effects and dangers cigarette smoking. As word spread on the risks of smoking, governments began to take action by better informing their citizens and restricting tobacco companies from marketing their products. This ultimately led to the passing of laws that required tobacco companies to include health warnings on the labels of their products.

By the mid to late 2000’s nearly 21% of the population were smoking cigarettes. However, that was a decline of nearly 50% in 40 years. While smoking continued to grow in some emerging nations, it became evident that the smoking industry was in permanent decline and this was justifiable as there is no social utility for a product that causes harm and even death.

With that came electronic cigarettes, first produced in China. They were not the best made models, but like any great invention, it takes time and effort to perfect. As you see today, especially over the course of the past 3 years, the electronic cigarette industry has gained tremendous momentum with incredible results.

The biggest thing for most people was the hit they took in the wallet from smoking tobacco cigarettes and cigars.


Electronic cigarettes proved to not only be a healthier alternative, but a better financial alternative as well.

After seeing this trend, it was time for Vapor Group to introduce its product lines to the consumers such as “THE NEW GENERATION OF ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES” of Total Vapor and the “SATISFYING AND RICH TASTE OF FLAVORS” of Vapor 123. These products not only improve the smokers experience because they’re made in the US, but because they are light on the wallet as well.

The company’s growth of each product line has begun to take off and with an industry that continues to expand, we’ve found the right timing and products to go in a positive direction.