Which Type are you: Manual or Automatic eGo E-Cig Battery?

Anyone using an electronic cigarette, or e-cig, has a choice between an automatic or manual battery. Some e-cig starter kits include both. Automatic e-cig batteries are activated by inhaling. Manual batteries are activated by a button. Before deciding which route to take, it is helpful to know the pros and cons of each type of eGo e-cig battery, however, trying both is the only way to know which one you will ultimately prefer.

Natural Feel

Many people choose an automatic e-cig battery because it has a very natural feel that is similar to smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. The vapor is generated automatically while inhaling on the e-cig. This natural feeling when using the e-cig is usually something ex-tobacco smokers are looking for to have a similar experience to smoking traditional cigarettes. A manual battery does not provide the same feeling as the act of pressing a button before inhaling reminds some individuals that the device is electronic. This can lessen the enjoyment of the experience for those looking to replace tobacco cigarettes.

Priming the Atomizer

All electronic cigarettes require the atomizer to be primed before quality vapor is produced. Automatic batteries require one or two inhales before the atomizer is ready. A manual e-cig battery can simply be activated the moment before inhaling. Pressing the button for a second prepares the vapor so only one inhale is needed each time. The reality is that people get used to both types of batteries. Pushing a small button before inhaling or inhaling briefly before a deep drag are both actions that become natural after just a few tries.

Battery Life

The life of the e-cig battery is affected by the mechanism used to activate the atomizer or cartomizer. Manual batteries provide a better level of control over the energy used by the electronic cigarette. The battery is only active for the time the button is held down. This preserves battery life. Automatic batteries are activated by a switch that responds to pressure, which is much less precise. The battery in an automatic model could remain active longer even though it is not actually being utilized.

Accidental Activation

There is a chance that both types of batteries could activate accidentally when in a pocket or purse. Automatic e-cigs tend to be more vulnerable to this. Automatic batteries use different triggers or switches to activate. Some of these switches are activated by vibrations. This means the battery could turn on due to loud music, intense activity like running or vibrations in a car. A manual e-cig battery is not as easy to activate accidentally especially when stored in a carrying case or other container that protects the button.

Vulnerability to E-Liquid Leaks

A major difference between the each type of eGo e-cig battery is the casing. An automatic battery is exposed to the liquid in the cartridge or cartomizer. If some of the liquid leaks, then it will touch the battery and could cause problems. Leaking liquid could destroy an automatic battery or greatly shorten the usable life of the battery. A manual e-cig battery has a solid housing. This means that any leaking liquid will not harm the battery. The liquid will simple drain out of the e-cig or evaporate. A manual battery is a better choice for individuals using refillable cartridges since these can leak. The threat of leaks in other types of e-cigs is not very high.