E-Cigarette Spring Cleaning 101

It’s that time of year again which can only mean one thing: spring cleaning! It’s time to finally attack those household chores that have been building up throughout the year. But while you decide to take on spring cleaning your home, why not take some time to clean out your e-cig as well? Proper cleaning and maintenance of your e-cigarette will help maximize its lifespan and save you money. Here are some helpful tips on cleaning and maintaining your e-cigarette in this spring cleaning season.


Dirt and residue often accumulate where the e-cig battery and the cartridge conjoin. To clean it, simply take a damp cotton swab or q-tip and clean the dirty areas. For gunk, that is harder or caked on, scrape or picks it off with tweezers or a toothpick. After a good spring cleaning, you’ll notice that the performance of your e-cig has significantly improved, but to gain better results always, clean your electronic cigarette once a week.

To further extend the life of you e-cig’s battery, use the battery regularly. The more it gets used, the easier it is for energy to pass through it. Be sure to charge or change your battery before it’s fully drained. It’s easier for a battery to charge when it still has some power left. And of course, be sure to keep your battery away from water or direct sunlight.


The ideal method for cleaning out the cartridge of your e-cig differs depending on the type of electronic cigarette you have. Mostly, the electronic cigarette cartomizer or cartridge can simply be pulled out to clean. Begin cleaning by pulling out the polyfil with a toothpick or paperclip. Take the polyfil and cartridge and run them under warm water. Afterwards, take a paper towel and pat dry as much thoroughly as possible. To dry the inside of the cartridge, simply blow into it. You can also take a q-tip and rub the inside of the cartridge to further clean and dry it out. Once you have finished, put the polyfil back in the cartridge and re-connect the cartridge to your device. Regular cleaning will help the polyfil and cartridge last longer but if they become dirty or damaged beyond all hope of repair, don’t fret. The polyfil and cartridge can easily be replaced for very cheap.

Further care

Too much or too little e-liquid can harm your device. If you are using a drip system, be sure to add the proper amount of flavored e-liquid or you risk creating build up or even drowning your atomizer. If the punched hole in your tank system is too narrow, the wick is too old, or too little e-liquid gets added to it then, it could result in the atomizer overheating. Consider making the appropriate provisions to any of these hindrances.

If you tend to carry your e-cig in your pocket consider putting it in a plastic bag or in a carrying case. Clogs are sometimes caused by pocket lint entering the e-cigarette. And on top of that, you wouldn’t want to inhale the garbage that can accumulate in your pocket.

E-cigs are a healthier alternative to regular cigarette smoking. If you smoke regularly, consider switching to an electronic cigarette to give your lungs a good spring cleaning too!

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