Smoke E-Cig Vape On The Horizon

It may seem like the view in sight for e-cigs portrays battles with bans and legislation. However, e-cigs are being used by many more people than they ever have been in the past. In fact, the future of the electronic cigarette has some pretty big things in store specifically on the technological front. The sale of e-cigs has doubled over the last year, and manufacturers are rising to the occasion to bring customers new products and innovations. The companies making these products are actually taking a high-tech approach when it comes to product development, offering their customers more than they might have ever dreamed possible from what started as a relatively simple concept.

Leaders in Innovation

Vuse is a product that is leading the way in increasing the sophistication of the average e-cig vape. Manufactured by the RJ Reynolds Vapor Company, the Vuse is an e-cig that actually has a microprocessor built directly into its design. Currently for sale only in Colorado, this product will soon be available all across the nation. The processor works with a tiny memory chip so that it uses a consistent amount of energy from the electronic cigarette battery when producing heat and vapor. The result is a more consistent experience with the product. They have also built in a light that indicates to the customer when their e-cig cartridge is running low on e-liquid. We are fairly confident that other manufacturers will follow suit in such innovations.

A New Focus

Companies are also moving further away from the idea of emulating the experience of smoking a conventional cigarette to a tee. Instead, they are focusing on making their products unique experiences in and of themselves. Part of this experience will include the incorporation of technology that allows only the owner of the cigarette to use the device. Bluetooth-enabled products will limit who can use the device in addition to tracking statics that include the amount of nicotine being used and other types of personal statistics. Vapor Corporation is also experimenting with similar technology, allowing them to develop vaporizers that will not function unless they are unlocked using a fingerprint scan that is personalized to the owner.

A Wide Horizon

It is projected that technological innovations such as these are just the beginning of advances. It is expected that once regulations on these products around the globe become looser, the steps forward on the technological front will come in leaps and bounds. Among one of the most revolutionary advances is the incorporation of a gyroscope. This handy little piece of technology will allow hand gestures to be recognized by the device. Such a possibility can limit who can use the device in addition to other unique features. The driving motivation behind these innovations is both the safety of the product on top of giving adult consumers the ideal smoking experience with these vaporizing products. The increasing sophistication of the e-cig vape also serves to make them a more effective tool for consumers who are using them as an aide to quit smoking as well.