Switching to E-Cig Starter Kit: The Best Way To Start

It is not always easy to know where to start with e-cigs. The technology is still relatively new. It might even be confusing after buying a starter kit or a disposable e-cig. Fortunately, switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is easy and these few steps will help anyone get started with e-cigs.


E-cigs come in many shapes and sizes. Some look like traditional cigarettes. Others are wider and look more like a large pen. A few are sleek with a high-tech appearance. If aesthetics are an important factor in your e-cig choice, then you will be delighted to find that there are a wide variety of options to suit any style.

Automatic or Manual

Automatic e-cigs are activated by simply inhaling through the device while manual models are activated with the push of a small button. People switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes usually choose an automatic model to start as they more closely mimic traditional cigarettes.

Atomizer or Cartomizer

The final decision is whether your e-cig will have an atomizer or a cartomizer. Atomizers are small heating elements that create the vapor. They are separate from the flavor cartridge. Cartomizers are liquid cartridges that contain an atomizer. Atomizers do need to be replaced occasionally. Cartomizers can be more convenient but are sometimes more expensive.

Starter Kits

After deciding which e-cig will work best for you, the easiest way to begin your transition is purchasing a e-cig starter kit as they contain everything needed to start vaping. In general, starter kits hold e-liquids, one or more e-cigs and a charger. However, if you prefer to purchase each item individually, this is of course possible. First-time users will want to make sure all e-cig parts and accessories are from the same manufacturer.

Choosing E-Liquids

Anotherdecision you will have to make is which type of e-liquid cartridges you will purchase. E-liquid cartridges come in an assortment of flavors from traditional tobacco to more unique options like blueberry cheesecake and even bacon. Anyone switching to electronic cigarettes might want to consider purchasing the tobacco flavor at first, to ease the transition. Once you have adapted to e-cigs, experiment in small quantities to determine which flavors you find most enjoyable.

The First Vape

E-cigs are slightly different from tobacco cigarettes. The atomizer needs to be primed before good vapor appears. With an automatic e-cig found in the e-cig starter kit, it is necessary to take one to three shallow drags before inhaling deeply. With a manual e-cig, the button on the housing should be pressed and held for a second before inhaling. Once the atomizer is primed, vaping is similar to inhaling from traditional cigarettes.

Vaper’s Tongue

One issue that might occur is called vaper’s tongue. This simply means that fatigued taste buds have stopped being able to detect the flavor of the vapor. This is normal and not a serious condition and it goes away over time. The best solutions are to switch flavors, hydrate or vape a little less for a few days.