About Us

About Us

Vapor Group is focused on the development of a range of innovative products, and the use of innovative, cutting-edge technology, such as in cryptocurrency mining, in order to grow the Company and shareholder value.

The Company has a rich history beginning with its development of unique, state-of-the-art e-cigarettes, “Made in the USA” e-liquids, vaporizers and vaping products, and has expanded its highly contemporaneous, consumer product line into herbal grinders.

Ever on the cutting-edge, Vapor Group recently entered the cryptocurrency mining arena with the long term intent of building a new expertise in a new emerging market and marketplace while simultaneously building revenues from a new source of income.


Vapor Group, Inc. is managed by a highly experienced team of executives committed to responsible business policies and practices, including fulfilling the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations that pertain to its products and services.


Vapor Group is committed to providing our customers with products that are convenient and economical to use and that provide unsurpassed reliability and overall value for the money.

Every day, we keep on striving to get better. That’s the only way we can grow as a company to provide quality to our customers.