5 Features we Hope to see in the Future of New E-Cigarette

E-cigs have improved dramatically over the years, and today’s devices are easier to use and more enjoyable than those used in the past. However, there are promising technologies on the horizon that would improve them dramatically. Here are five features we hope to see in coming years to provide to all our Vapor Group customers.

Better Batteries

While new e-cigarette batteries are enough to satisfy most vapers, longer lasting batteries would undeniably make the experience superior for all. Many vapers need to change their batteries throughout the day. E-cig batteries with longer life spans would allow vapers to enjoy longer vape sessions without the constant worry of having to repower. Better batteries would be particularly appealing to those who enjoy e-cigarettes. A future where a cigarette-sized device could last all day is incredibly appealing.

Colored Vapor

E-cigs already offer far greater variety than their traditional counterparts. They enable users to choose from an endless variety of flavors and nicotine strengths, and even a plethora of options for the actual vaping device. Colored vapor would make the experience just that much more versatile. In addition, colored vapor would be a great way to clearly display in public to onlookers that you aren’t smoking traditional cigarettes.

Nicotine Alternatives

Vapers can choose how much nicotine they want in their new e-cigarette, but are there other possible additives that could improve the vaping experience? Some vapers are curious if caffeine could serve as a substitute for nicotine. As so many are addicted to caffeine, flavored e-juices containing caffeine could potentially be a way for many to cut back on overconsumption of soft drinks and coffee. It might also be possible to incorporate medicines into e-juice, so people suffering from headaches can simply switch to another e-juice instead of having to take pills.

Throat Hit Without Nicotine

Some vapers who switch to nicotine-free e-juices miss the throat hit sensation that nicotine provides, however, there are no solutions on the market that provide such a result. A non-nicotine throat hit additive could make it easier for people to cut back on their nicotine levels and could indeed become an incredibly popular product.

Easier Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable e-cig atomizers have proven to be popular among a subset of vapers, but they can be a bit difficult to use. A rebuildable atomizer that is simple to use could help more vapers take advantage of what they have to offer and make maintenance simpler. Most rebuildable atomizers are also large, a smaller one would be a welcome addition to the current selection.

Today’s e-cigs are more advanced than those in the past, and development continues at a staggering pace. However, e-cigs are still young, and there are undoubtedly new technologies that will make the vaping experience with new e-cigarette even better. Hopefully, we’ll see some of these technologies in the near future.

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